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Lower Unit Painting - Alodine or Self Etching or Both

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  • Lower Unit Painting - Alodine or Self Etching or Both

    Have my lower unit down to bare aluminum. I am planning on repainting. I am a little confused on the process. Here goes:
    1). Alumiprep
    2). Alodine
    3). Acid Etching Wash Primer - (PTI product)
    4). Epoxy primer - (PTI product)
    5). Top coat
    6). Two part clear coat.

    The acid etching wash primer is recommended by the epoxy primer. From the tech info
    “This primer can be applied directly to metal that has been prepared according to a recognized cleaning method such as Federal Test Method Standard, #141 and Method 2013. However, it is recommended that all parts be pretreated with chemical conversion coating materials to produce a pretreatment coating equivalent to PTI’s Acid Etching Wash Primer.”

    I want the protection of the Alodine process but I’m a little confused with the acid wash on top of the Alodine. Is the Alodine or Acid Wash duplicating the same process or is it worth the extra step. I don’t mind if it’s a double process that’s add protection.
    I spoke with the company and they stated to wipe off the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol after the Alodine and before the acid wash.

    Anyone have any opinion of the process?