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130 TLRS carb adjustment

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  • 130 TLRS carb adjustment

    yamaha 130 TLRS carb adjustment
    6L1 L 307065

    This is my friends yamaha 93 or 94. i helped him clean the carb. he wanted to adjust it. He looked up info, but we had it wrong. Now gas floods out of breather. I would like to know proper procedures and measurement to adjust these carbs.

    one last point, one thing i dont understand or like, when we fire up and get going the gas empties out of filter and never catches back up. dip tube on tank, water knock out and inline filter all replaced. gas tank diptube was cleaned. i understand about the air bubble. its just i have never seen one empty all of the way. and afterwards it seems like gas backs out of motor and fills the filter

    So, I know this is our fault. he had looked up float height. with carb upside down i measured front of float to carb body. It was at 19 mm, we adjusted it to 16 mm. Obviously wrong. I would like to know correct measurement and procedure, i.e. where to measure from.

    thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    Make sure the needle and seat is the correct one and installed correctly, then as a general starting point, turn the carb upside down and adjust the float until it's horizontal.