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Anyone know if a F115 cowling would fit a F90

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  • Anyone know if a F115 cowling would fit a F90

    Both similar years F90 and F115. Just curious if anyone knows if the cowling off a F115 would fit a F90? My F90 needs paint/decals but I have located a good F115 cowling.

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    I have noidea myself,
    are the blocks the same
    why not compare the 2 yourself.
    you would still need to work and buy stuff to bring the cowling back to original.
    why not just strip and paint yours and call it good


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      well change the 115 decals to 90 and be done. If it where only that easy.

      They are both 1.8 blocks but the 115 hood has the front gills.


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        Try comparing part numbers and pictures of parts drawings/schematics for the two engines. If they look identical, then keep pursing this option - if they look obviously different, you have your answer.
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          or find someone close to you that has a F115 and see if they would let you have a good look at theirs
          or try to set theirs onto your motor if you drag your boat over to there place