Hi guys/gals.

I am nearly ready to throw in the towel on the issue we have with out boat motor. Any help is much appreciated as we've contacted plenty of mechanics and they've all said the process we've gone through is pretty much by the book...But still no joy!

The engine has done around 2200hours, has been rigorously maintained including 100/500/1000 hour services.

It started maybe 6 months ago when the motor has been started and in idle. It will just cut off. Restart it with no issues and run finw the whole rest of the day. This random issue has slowly started happeneing more and more often. But can still run for half a day without cutting out. Or be a pain and die within seconds of starting. This only happens at idle or just when putting into gear. Motor runs perfectly and has never cut put once when under power.

We can get it to cut out sporadically by lifting the motor with tilt up to around 45 or consistantly by using the tilt switch like a strobe light, rocking the motor quickly.

We are very lucky to have a second 130 (only difference is a long leg) with 200 hours that we've been using to swap parts from and this is what we've managed to change:

Tote tank direct to motor with new hose and no filter, eliminating boat side of fuel system

Remote contol from donar boat, direct plug into our motor eliminating boat control wiring

New battery cable

New battery

Changed inlet manifold with throttle body

Changed complete fuel section of line/mechanical pump and micro filter

Changed high pressure fuel pump

Changed crank sensor/cam sensor and knock sensor

New spark plugs

Disconnected tilt motor/sensor

Changed wiring loom and computer

Changed throttle control module (where the cables clip onto)

Only things left are some of the direct sensors bolted to the motor and the charging system

Maybe the main question I need answered is should I go with Honda or Suzuki?

Thanks for making it through my story!!!!!

Again, any help is hugely appreciated-