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2007 F200TXR Fuel Issue??

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  • 2007 F200TXR Fuel Issue??

    HI, I'm hoping someone in the forum can steer me in the right direction to solve this issue, I'm ready to pull out what little hair I have left. Problem started with corroded fuel cooler that leaked seawater into the fuel system while boat sitting for a couple of months. Replaced cooler, cleaned VST and HP pump filter, replaced all other on-board filters and the fuel/water separator on the boat. I installed new fuel injectors and replaced the spark plugs. The fuel rail pressure is running about 43psi while cranking and holds about 40 psi for quite sometime ignition off. The injectors have power ignition on and receive a ground signal while cranking. I have run through all the sensor checks in the Yamaha manual; coils, spark, relay, etc. The motor will run if I spray propane in the intakes so the ignition system, compression and valve train seems ok. It appears the injectors aren't doing their job despite having the required signals and fuel psi. I have checked the flow through the schrader valve on the fuel rail while cranking. It flows about 4oz before the hp pump shuts down. The engine doesn't fire at all while cranking. It only fires when I add propane. Sure seems to be a fuel issue but what????

    Any input would be greatly appreciated

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    So your saying you believe your getting fuel, spark, and air . when adding highly combustible propane it will start. I would check compression and also hook it up to a diagnostic program to see if there any faults or improper air fuel ratio.


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      I would hook up an injector out side of motor to see if it sprays.
      if you have rail pressure and signal to injectors, you just need to make sure the injectors are spraying fuel when asked to