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Do Yamaha OEM fuel injectors have any identifying marks on them

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  • Do Yamaha OEM fuel injectors have any identifying marks on them

    I have a 2006 F90TLR 4 stroke and I wanted to buy an extra fuel injector in case of an emergency. I thought I found one on ebay that was supposedly a new OEM injector. I received it today and number one it definitely isn't new and number two it didn't have any markings on as my original does. Now I'm wondering if my original injectors are in fact OEM as they have no reference to any Yamaha part numbers either.
    Anybody know of a way to ID these injectors?

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    I am not sure, does this one look like what you have.
    I cannot see any markings in this pic.
    you might do some more searching for pics on line


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      I don't know the answer to your actual question, but in regards to what you want to accomplish... Take your existing injectors (or mail) to a fuel injection shop along with the "new" one. They can clean and rebuild your current injectors to be as good as, or better than, new for about $20 each. They can do the same thing for the ebay injector, along with telling you if it is the correct injector by comparing it to your existing ones (physically and performance based).
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        these are original 2006 F90 injectors:

        What does the "5FG" indicate? I have no idea.

        The logo presumably could identify the manufacturer - I've never looked into it