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06 70tlr 2 stroke cold start issues

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  • 06 70tlr 2 stroke cold start issues

    06 2 stroke 70tlr having issues on cold start. I went ahead and did a test on cold start with the emergency start tab in the on position and it started with no issues. So I know something with the starting assembly is the cause or I think. I tested for voltage going to the starter plunger valve which I was getting only 6 volts and also thought it was weird that where that blue wire from the plunger is connected goes in connection straight to the lighting coil and not out the reg/rectifier side but maybe that's normal. Just trying to make sure that this information seems legit before I dig into the starter assembly and clean that out. Once she is running you can turn of and on with no problems just would love to get a better cold start up. if anyone knows what the voltage should be to power up the starter plunger please let me know.

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    Dangar marine has a very good video on these on youtube its called "yamaha prime start diagnosis"


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      what were you measuring the voltage with, and what did you have it set to?
      the service manual should have a procedure for checking that voltage
      good chance it calls for peak voltage which should require a special voltmeter or an DVA adapter.
      the voltage is only needed while running to turn off the extra fuel once the motor has warned up.
      so apparently you have a problem with something plugged up not letting the fuel flow when cold


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        Thanks guys. Yea I was using an dmm rms meter but I think you are correct and I am gonna look for something that's plugging fuel up.