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F150xb anodes 68T-11325-00-00

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  • F150xb anodes 68T-11325-00-00

    Does these 8 anodes need to be change out? Looking at the part schematic , there are 19 bolts holding the cover on. Do I just remove the bolts and remover the cover replaced the 8 anodes and gasket and reinstalled ?

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    Anodes are typically removed and replaced "on condition". Without seeing a photo of what your anodes look like I cannot hazard a guess as to whether they need to be replaced or not.

    Yes, the cover comes off so as to gain access to the anodes.


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      When I removed the cover to inspected the anodes. Can I leave all the other component on the cover like thermostats


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        Yes. Unless something has to be removed to gain access to a fastener.


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          Anode, part #27, is right there and easily accessible.. Inspecting that one (and the same ones in the head), should give you an idea as to their condition.

          I'd pull the thermostat as well. That and the block tends to corrode right there, especially if used in salt water and not flushed regularly.

          My 2006 F150, with about 10 years on the engine:

          Three major anodes:

          PCV valve/cover
          1997 Angler 204, Center Console powered by a 2006 Yamaha F150TXR


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            Three #27 anodes as Scott shows above. One on the “water jacket” in your diagram and two between the heads. All easily accessible. If you pull them to inspect, expect to need to replace the grommets(rubber seals). They get distorted and hard to reuse. Don’t think you will find many professional techs that will go after the smaller anodes for preventative maintenance. If the three larger anodes are in bad shape, badly eaten, distorted, then maybe go after the smaller ones. Lots of work for something that may not be necessary.