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1996 30ELRU (30HP Three Cylinders) Issues

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  • 1996 30ELRU (30HP Three Cylinders) Issues

    When I turn ignition key, about 3rd or 4th time nothing happens. I can ty it right after that and it clicks and starts fine. Otherwise it starts fine. When idling, I can pull the 2nd cylinder spark plug wire and there is no fire. I can also try to adjust the 2nd cylinder f/a mixture and nothing changes the speed of the engine. However, I can run the engine with all spark plug wires connected and sometimes at high throttle it appears to be bogging down and can't plane as it is going way too slow (about 10 mph), but after a few minutes all of a sudden the engine begins turning higher rpms and I can plane the boat. The engine at high speed then runs great, but when I slow down and try to idle it, the idle may be too high and it really jumps when I throw it into gear. Battery is charged and I have replaced one cable to battery from engine recently after cleaning carburators and changing diaphram and floats. Could this be a CDI problem or ignition coil on cylinder 2? I am miffed as it is doing weird things. I don't think the cylinder is the issue, because it is running great when it is working. Any clues or answers are deeply appreciated.