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2017 F150XB oil change

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  • 2017 F150XB oil change

    What procedure would you recommend for changing oil , oil extractor pump or drain plug?

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    The Yamaha factory Service Manual lists both, as equally acceptable.

    For me, the difference is:

    no one ever stripped out an oil pan drain plug, extracting the oil through the dipstick.


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      I use the drain plug but torque to 12' lbs (same as the filter)

      I use the Seewell "Tilt and Drain" oil drain kit: .

      You tilt the engine all the way up. Remove the drain plug (no oil comes out) and screw in the plastic threaded end which is connected
      to a plastic hose.

      Put the end of the hose into your "catch container", trim down and all the oil comes out. Siphoning leaves maybe 3/4 a cup of oil in the crankcase (not much).

      I found this method cleaner and faster.

      1997 Angler 204, Center Console powered by a 2006 Yamaha F150TXR


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        Try both, and see what you prefer.. that's what it really comes down to: personal preference. Extracting is probably the most fool-proof way. Good extractors aren't cheap, but they're good to have for other unexpected jobs that might come up (like overfilling the oil or fuel tank). I started out using an extractor, but now I drain it because it's faster and I have a torque wrench.
        2011 F50TLR, 2010 G3 V167C