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Tilt/trim unit 2003 vx225tlrb

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  • Tilt/trim unit 2003 vx225tlrb

    Needing some advice! Recently rebuilt both tilt and trim cylinders for my yamaha 2003 vx225tlrb. I reassembled the unit only to discover that the unit raises the unit accordingly but will not lower, I can grab the motor and help it along then by the weight of the motor it will go down fully smoothly with no binding but not under hydraulic power. The units motor is running so I assume all electrical aspects are correct. I have bled the system for air meticulously and have made certain the manual release valve is tightly closed. Once the motor is down I can raise the engine manually (with release closed) which would indicate the motor would raise in reverse if the boat was in the water. I have disassembled the valve body, all looks to be in order.? What am I missing? Could it be a free piston issue? (Replaced new)? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I would suspect a valve problem.
    Perhaps the check valve between the pump housing and tilt cylinder housing?


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      Fairdeal thanks for the response.... I have disassembled it twice to inspect. I guess I have no other option but to do it again. Maybe I have the valve in the wrong location? If possible. Will post back later if I determine problem.