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Yahama 6y9 command link question

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  • Yahama 6y9 command link question

    I recently purchased a yahama 6y9 display to replace my fading square command link gauges. I installed it and it seems to be working but no engine data is displayed. After reading up some on the 6y9 display ive learned it may not be compatible with a 2017 SHO
    My question is. Is there a interface box or something i can do to make this 6y9 work with a SHO motor. I dont know if i can get my money back and it wasnt cheap

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    The 6Y9 is a Command Link Plus device. Intended for DEC (Digital Engine Control) models only.

    The SHO is mechanically con*****ed and only compatible with Command Link only (no Plus) gauges/displays. Or non Command Link/Command Link Plus displays.zcl.jpg


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      So there is nothing that can be done to make it work? If not i guess i may have a 6y9 for sale


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        Nothing can be done that I know of.

        Did you buy it from a dealer? Is it new and unused? Perhaps, just perhaps, a dealer might let you exchange it for a display that will work.


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          No i bought it online so ill have to see what they say now that it is been opened and installed