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2008 Yamaha 25ELR shift adjustment

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  • 2008 Yamaha 25ELR shift adjustment

    I have a small pontoon boat, it came with a 9.9 hp engine. Last year we bought a 25 ELR and put on, we can not get the shifter adjusted right, it goes into forward good but in reverse it grinds and jumps out of gear. Is there a trick to this, any advice appreciated.

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    Put the gear selector into reverse. Hold the coupling nut from turning and just loosen the jam nut. Uncouple the coupling nut to free the upper shaft from the lower shaft. Remove the lower unit. Push the shift shaft down on the lower unit down to put the LU into reverse gear. Reinstall the lower unit. Screw the coupling nut on until both the upper and lower shafts are equally attached by the coupling nut. Hold the coupling nut and tighten the jam nut against it. Move the gear selector back to neutral. Start and shift the motor. It should all be in proper phase now.