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Yamaha F150XA network connection to Raymarine a78 MFD

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  • Yamaha F150XA network connection to Raymarine a78 MFD

    I have just purchased a boat with the above components. Trying to learn how to connect the engine display capabilities of the Raymarine MFD to the engine. I have the 6Y5-83570-A0-00 and ***-D0-00 gauges as shown on page 2-8 of the rigging guide. The gauges do not connect to engine via a single NMEA cable, but rather with several individual wires. The question is how do I add a gateway, multihub, or whatever, so that I can pipe the data to the MFD. Raymarine has an adapter, ECI 100, that requires a digital connector to the Yamaha Command Link system that is not apparent in my installation. All of the above wiring is located in the console. I am hoping I can access the data there rather than back at the motor which requires a bit of difficult snaking of wire past existing wires in a tight area.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    No, the 6Y5 gauges use a wire harness which has nothing to do with the Command Link /NMEA 2000

    You will have to run another cable from inside the cowling, to inside the boat.

    You do not need a Yamaha Gateway, nor a hub (nor any other Yamaha parts)

    I suspect - but am not certain - that you don't need Raymarine's ECI 100.

    what you will definitely need, is -

    - a cable that can connect to Yamaha's engine plug on one end, and NMEA 2000 on the other
    - a NMEA 2000 backbone to connect the Yamaha cable and the Raymarine MFD

    like so:

    I'm forgetting if Raymarine uses proprietary wiring devices for NMEA 2000 -
    which then require adapters -
    so that has to be taken into consideration

    and personally, I would try putting it together without the ECI 100 -
    see if it works -
    and only buy the thing if necessary.


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      Thanks! Do you have a wiring color diagram for the NMEA cable to Yamaha plug at the engine? ie; blue to green, white to red (made up colors in this example). I have seen a picture of the plug, located at the front of the engine if I recall correctly.


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        NMEA 2000 uses four wires
        red - hot
        black - ground
        blue - data
        white - data
        (and possibly a shield on the cabling, but that, if present, only gets connected once where power is connected)

        Yamaha uses their own wire and connectors, but follows the color convention.

        So the engine harness connector is a four-position plug, but has only the blue and the white wire.
        Quite distinctive.

        One can connect the wires any number of ways, but most folks buy a pre-made adapter cable -
        the most popular, sold by Lowrance part # 120-37 called "Yamaha Engine Interface Cable"


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          Once again, thanks for the information. It is exactly what I needed. Now on to getting the hardware and installing it with comfort that I am headed in the right direction.


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            Any update on you setup?


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              Current setup below. Only data I'm getting is fuel usage. Everything else is error.. any help with be much appreciated.. I just pick up a used 2006 f150txr and would like to get the data to display on the a78.
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                Originally posted by Gboungnavath View Post
                Current setup below. Only data I'm getting is fuel usage. Everything else is error.. I just pick up a used 2006 f150txr and would like to get the data to display on the a78.
                well, per your diagram the physical arrangement - the 'wiring' - looks right

                a "2006" F150 should have full NMEA 2000 capability.
                From the Yamaha side, there is nothing to 'turn on', 'enable', or 'modify'
                its an 'all or none' situation -
                you either have the entire stream of data, or not.

                if in fact the a78 is showing engine fuel flow, then engine data is being provided

                my guess is a problem with the a78 software not properly recognizing the engine data
                but I have no familiarity with Raymarine equipment

                you might find some help on the raymarine forum


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                  How did you make out with this? Learn anything new.. I am looking at doing with an F200 (no commandlink or commandlink plus) and Raymarine Axiom Pro.