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2000 Yamaha 60hp 4 stroke

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  • 2000 Yamaha 60hp 4 stroke

    ut in Yamaha lube (Ring Free) as shock treatment. Have run engine for 9 hours, still running rough, smoking profusely, and surging. Is this normal?

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    well, there are some things for which a "Ring Free Shock treatment" may help -
    but there are many problems for which it can do nothing.

    If your problem is one that can't be helped by a "Shock Treatment"....

    I didn't know Yamaha was making an F60 as early as 2000 model.
    Seems a safe bet its got a carburetor - or four.

    Think those are on the list of "don't expect a miracle cure from Ring Free"


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      Plus 1 ^^. RF can only do so much.

      Per the parts site here, they made four, 4 stroke models, all carbureted (three carbs):

      And no, EXCESSIVE smoking is not normal. Even a shock mix of RF won't smoke nearly what your describing...

      I gather the smoke is bluish (which would be oil burning).

      Time to pull spark plugs, inspect, a compression test and a leak down test as well should give you some answers..

      Sounds as if your rings / block are worn causing excessive oil burning/plugs fouling, etc.

      Is your oil level normal or dropping with use? How many hours on the engine and is the engine "new" to you?
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        is the motor making oil and over full of oil?

        motor could suck extra oil thru a bad valve guide seal or by a bad oil ring also