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Yamaha Service Manuals Part Numbers

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  • Yamaha Service Manuals Part Numbers

    Yamaha Service Manuals.pdf
    Here is list of Original Yamaha service manuals that can be ordered here on We are hoping this will make it a little easier for those of you looking for a new service manual.
    The attached pdf file is sorted by horsepower and will give you the part number you will need to order a new manual on our shopping cart.

    Thank You
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    You should pin it at the top.


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      sorry my bad


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        Good deal.


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          Originally posted by walleye1 View Post
          sorry my bad
          Don't you hate when that happens? I do. Doh!


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            This list is a great resource. Everyone who owns an outboard would do well to own the factory service manual (and a good digital multi-meter!). If nothing else it will help owners post well constructed questions.


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              I have a c60ELRU.
              I have manual Lit - 18616-01-39. It lists C60u on the cover.
              The diagram of the throttle sensor control link says it should be 129+/-0.5mm however even fully extended mine is not that long. It also shows the throttle cam connecting to a different location and again, the length recommended (58mm) seems very different than the link in the engine. Even the timing indicator is different, as the manual shows it above the throttle sensor control link but on mine the indicator is below. Is there another model of throttle linkage? Can you recommend the manual I should purchase? Better yet, can anyone provide the recommended linkage lengths as everything else in the manual seems fine.
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