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Yeah, I'm a glutton

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  • Yeah, I'm a glutton

    I've owned a 13" Whaler with an '88 70hp two stroke for three fun years. Today, I bought a 17' Scout with a '94 90hp two stroke. It has the 704 control and the other has the 703. The electric choke never worked on the '88 but did not mind that as you can easily reach the manual from the driver seat.
    The '94 also seems not to work, a la, no click with ignition on. It started immediately and purred nice. Seller says he never needed it and thought it was electronic. There is no manual choke lever on the engine
    Is there a big difference from '88 to '94?
    And, yes, I know the 70hp is way too much for the 13'......but is it ever fun!

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    no choke
    Prime start system


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      How fast are you running with the 70? I've got a 13 with a 1971 50 Merc and have gone 48mph with power trim.


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        The hook in the keel prevents any high speed, 37 is all it can get, but, it gets there very fast!