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F300 Offshore water pressure gauge install

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  • F300 Offshore water pressure gauge install

    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to install a water pressure gauge on my F300. I have the OEM gauge and sending kit (hose with brass fitting). I have a diagram for F150 but this thing is very different. A pic with the location to connect the brass fitting to block or parts diagram would be great. Thanks so much in advance!


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    Can we presume that you do not have Command Link instruments installed?

    Also, this is a V6 and not a V8, correct?


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      goes back to , IF it was rigged correctly at installation this post would not exist.

      yes command link costs a bit more,300 bucks or so, at initial purchase of over 17K.
      however it has all the functions you ever need.

      but all we know is its a 300 HP Yamaha four stroke.

      only thing I can say is the paint code is 8D.


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        Thanks for the help.


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          They are asking for more info as you did not give enough on motor or gauges


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            Thanks for giving us shit to work with.
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              Originally posted by Macky Mac View Post
              Thanks for the help.
              For you I would recommend that you let a dealer do the work on your motor.

              If he does not know he will call Yamaha, but he will at least be able to give them the information needed for then
              to provide a reply.


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                Rodbolt, what generator do I need for my truck which is hard to start?


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                  Boscoe99 you back in the states or you doing some fishing down south


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                    Originally posted by 99yam40 View Post
                    They are asking for more info as you did not give enough on motor or gauges
                    I appreciate you post and help. This was my first post on the site and I wasn't sure what exactly how much detail to add. I just wish Rodbolt and Boscoe would have asked for more details instead of beating me over the head with my post (LOL) but itís all good. Glad I keep you guys entertained! Here are the details:
                    1) 2013 Yamaha F300 XCA
                    2) Command Link gauges
                    3) Bought the boat used with motor and gauges installed (37 hours)
                    4) 25 ft. Flats/Bay Boat
                    5) Gauge: Yamaha Pro Series II Water Pressure Gauge (part#: 6Y7-83660-10-00) and Sender kit t (688-83667-00-00)
                    6) Why analog gauge? Have one on my flats boats and like just glancing down to check it. But the main reason my eyes are getting old. I hate running the marsh and grabbing my glasses to read CL gauge. The analog for me, is just easier to read.
                    Seriously, thanks to all for the help and taking the time to post. Remember getting old ainít for sissies!


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                      Originally posted by 99yam40 View Post
                      Boscoe99 you back in the states or you doing some fishing down south
                      I am fishing down south.

                      Just fishing. No catching.


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                        I hope to get down south to fish again.
                        I did beat Jimmy Houston in the jungle on lake Guri.
                        his biggest pea**** was 12 pounds, mine was 18.

                        getting back to the issue.

                        if you already have command link gauges simply buy the plug and play kit.
                        the water tube is prerigged all you have to buy is the pressure transducer and plug it in.

                        yes I do enjoy busting some chops, getting some cheap entertainment.
                        so do some of the rest.
                        depends on the amounts and blends of cool refreshing beverages.


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                          When I get back home I will post a copy of the SM page that shows the port into which a mechanical water pressure gauge can be installed.

                          Mr. BOLT, I too have aging eyes and the CL display is not the clearest even with a young mans eyes. I can relate to the beneficiality of a mechanical gauge on the dash.

                          Mr Mac, I only responded the way I did because of your flip reply. Maybe I misinterpreted the intent.

                          And I have not yet started on my cerveza for this evening.


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                            He was asking if the 300 was in same place as the 150 if either of you know that right off hand.

                            Never mind I reread his post and he said the 300 looked different.

                            Boscoe99 you chasing tarpon or what?

                            Friend of mine that moved to Panama just sent me a pic of his 1st tuna fee diving and spearfishing off the west coast 140lbs
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                              if your not using the water pressure gauge on the CL display simply tap into the existing WP port on the engine.