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Tachometer on T9.9

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  • Tachometer on T9.9

    I am wanting to add a Small Tachometer to my outboard preferably one just for my range. 0-5000 should be good please suggest different range if better avalible. I need to get one with good instructions as I have never installed a Tach before. I have a T9.9ELRU = Electric start, Long shaft, remote unit, 1996. I did sucessfully Convert the motor from a remote unit to a Tiller Model.

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    You can use Yamaha 6Y5-83540-14-00 Tachometer and wire harness 6Y5-83553-10-00 or any aftermarket Tach with a 6 pole setting. However if you removed control box then you will have to install a off/on switch to turn power off to tach when not using and run wires back to engine to get a tach signal