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115 Yamaha alarm sounds

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  • 115 Yamaha alarm sounds

    I have a 115 Yamaha 1992 2 stroke model that a constant audible alarm goes off if I run it over 4000 rpm for any length of time (5 to 10 mins. If I back off for a minute or two it stops, and be fine until I get over 4000rpm again??? I had it serviced in November and a impeller installed at the time!!!! The alarm is constant not beeping!! Good water flow out of tell tail.
    Any ideas????
    thanks in advance!!!

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    I had the same problem with my 1990 115 Yamaha. It turned out to be the oil circuit in the tach/multimeter. It drove me crazy for a whole summer. I threw all kinds of money at it replacing everything in sight and none of it worked. I replaced the whole guage and it went away. I know that the guage is expensive but it works. I found mine online on the old bulletin board from a guy in New Hampshire named Steve Mc Cormick,last known e-mail is Try this and it should work. Scott Whitson


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      Thanks for that Scott, will check it out!!!!