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2004 Yam 150TXRC no spark, starboard side

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  • 2004 Yam 150TXRC no spark, starboard side

    This problem started last year when a couple times it did not have full power at first but after a few minutes of running kicked in and ran fine. This summer from the first time I started it, it would not run at full throttle. I am a 35 year Evin/Johnson Tech but I am not up to date on 4 strokes and e-tech nor have much experience with Yam ignitions. I have done some reading up and what I came up with is the cdi unit. I got a used one and tried it with the same results. This unit could be bad too, I just thought it would be unlikely to have the same problem. The charge coils check within specs and so do the pulser coils although 1 side was .5 volts under what the book called for on cranking output I know meters can read different and I checked the output on a 115 yam with the same results. There is no shift assist switch on this model. It has been suggested to me that the wiring harness may have a short. I find this to be unlikely since I have power still on 1 side. Also if I disconnect the harness at the engine I also lose spark on the top port side. In my experience the way this started its a cdi unit but I want to make sure before spending that much money on a part. Please any suggestions welcome. It was suggested to me to look for rodbolt17 for help and I see you are on this site so hopefully you or someone can help. Thanks. Forgot to mention this is a carbureted and oil injected model.
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    unlike the 3.1L motors the 04 carbed 2.6L sparks 4 cylinders with two pulsers and a crank position sensor.
    pulser one triggers spark for 1&4 the other pulser sparks 3&6.
    the CDI uses the CPS to spark 2 &5.
    the charge coils are high and low speeds but feed all 6 capacitors.
    are you sure you lost spark on 1 bank or did you lose spark on 3 cylinders?


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      No spark on starboard side?

      Yes I have lost spark on all 3 coils on the starboard side. I switched the leads from the cdi unit to the coils and got the other side to spark just to make sure all 3 coils where not bad. So am I understanding you right that there's nothing that you can point to and say ok if you have no spark on all 3 coils of the starboard side this would be the problem?


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        Just a wild thought but each cylinder head/cover, into which the spark plugs are screwed, is grounded to the block via a small jumper. I would check that jumper to ensure the connections at both ends are clean and tight.

        No groundee no sparkee.


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          No spark on starboard side?

          This boat is run in fresh water so everything is very clean but I still checked all the grounds I could find. All where tight and clean.


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            you wrote you checked peak voltages into the CDI, but did you check voltages out of it?

            If you take the reading at the CDI you will eliminate wiring to the coils.
            did you disconnect the kill wire at CDI also when testing?

            Did you take th grounds loose, clean and re-tighten?
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              No spark on starboard side?

              I do not have jumpers to test the voltage while running. I unplugged the charge coils and pulser coil leads and did a cranking output and ohms test. Both where good. From my years of experience I know that if you have good input into the cdi unit and you have spark on 3 coils and no spark on 3 coils you are not going to get a reading on the leads from the cdi that are not firing. so therefore I have not actually taken a voltage reading from them. Is there a reason I should? Once again I am a Evinrude/Johnson tech and as I am finding out Yamaha ignition systems work a lot different. I have checked the grounds but I have not disconnected the kill wire which I think is what you ask. Not sure which wire that is but if that was a problem wouldn't I have no spark at all? Also as I have stated before this model does not have a shift assist switch.


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                if there was good voltage out then maybe a bad ground as Boscoe mentioned or bad wiring heading to coil.
                just proves you do not need to look anywhere else if out put is out of spec.

                I believe the kill wire is white.
                CDI electronics has good troubleshooting info along with specs for all sorts of outboards.

                you can slip a small paper clip or other small stiff wire into the backside of connectors where the wire goes in without hurting the insulation and get reading while hooked up and running. hook meter lead to those.

                so far no one can come up with anything to take out spark on a bank .
                I would take all the readings I could to try and prove the CDI is bad before buying a new one.
                most guides say to disconnect the kill wire in their troubleshooting


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                  No spark on starboard side?

                  Funny being a Evinrude/Johnson Tech its a normal thing for me to see 1 whole side go out but from what I've learned about how this Yam ignition works there's no way this could happen short of all 3 coils going bad. I have checked spark while running with a timing light and while cranking with spark testers 1 on each side. There's no doubt 1,3 and 5 are not sparking. I'm wondering if the engine harness or cdi unit is built to accept a shift assist switch and has shorted out somehow. Does the Yam shift assist cut out the starboard side just like an Evinrude?


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                    that is not something I know.

                    some models with that miss fire some cylinders to help get them out of gear, but I have no idea which ones

                    maybe Rodbolt can say, but he did not say this one had this, so who knows

                    was the charge coil that is below spec the low speed or the high speed?
                    is the motor turning fast enough to get proper testing?
                    did you measure the CPS output?

                    I would measure all inputs and outputs and post the readings so others can have a look at them
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                      No spark on starboard side?

                      So I have done some more checking on my engine and I definitely do not have spark on the starboard side. (no output on 1,3,and 5) The engine will run and I disconnected both temp switches and the temp sensor which had no change. I disconnected the main harness from the cdi and the only change was dropping #2 coil which from what I understand is normal for this engine. 2 and 5 will quit firing but of course 5 is already not firing. When I disconnected the oil sender the alarm went off but no change in running. So can anyone tell me if any of these sensors or switches that I disconnected where bad would they cause the cdi unit not to fire these 3 coils?(1,3,& 5)


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                        No spark on starboard side.

                        For what it is worth and hoping that I am not overstepping any protocol because I am a recent member to this site and lack experience and working knowledge.

                        I had the exact same problem of 'no spark on the starboard side' on my 2003 V150 TLRB - with about 300 saltwater operating hours on it, and it turned out to be that the stator part # 6R3-85510-00-00, which appears to be the same one that fits a 2004 150 TXRC, had a partial failure.

                        i realized after the repair that stator must have been progressively getting weaker up to the point of failure because as soon as it was replaced , the engine's overall response and fuel efficiency improved and it regained the power that it had when it was new.


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                          No spark on starboard side?

                          Interesting, I'm curious did a shop do the work or did you do this yourself? You are sure it was the stator/charge coil assy? I'm asking because I have checked the output of the high and low speed charge coils and they check good but I did not check the stator windings because first it is charging and second I did not think the charging side could affect spark. Thanks though I will look into that further.


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                            I have already explained exactly how the system works.
                            stator charges all the caps.
                            two pulsers spark 4 cylinders.
                            CPS sparks the other two.
                            Yamaha does not use S.L.O.W.
                            the 2.6L sparks all 6.
                            the 3.1l sparks bank to bank.
                            now you have to use the SM and a peak reading meter and find inputs VS outputs.


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                              No spark on starboard side?

                              Thanks Carlitos. What you said was confirmed to me by a old co-worker of mine that now works for a Yam dealer. He got with a mechanic and they said that the stator consist of 2 coils that power each bank so if 1 goes out you will not have spark on 1 side. the only thing confusing me is that Rodbolt is telling me, if I'm understanding him correctly, that my motor doesn't work like that. I will post the outcome once I replace the stator.