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What engine tuner do you use for EFI outboards?

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  • What engine tuner do you use for EFI outboards?

    I was just reading the Winterization sticky, and I realized I didn't do the recommended step of spraying engine tuner into the fuel injection tubes before fogging it. I assume I can still do this step now to remove any carbon buildup that I might still have from last season. I'm just wondering what tuner people would recommend for a 2011 Yamaha F50 (EFI). Yamaha's Combustion Chamber Cleaner is $8 for a can.. is it worth it, or is there something cheaper that's just as good/safe to use? Thanks.
    2011 F50TLR, 2010 G3 V167C

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    Are you sure you need to use it?

    I use the Yamaha Ring Free Plus with every tank of gas. Never had any issues.

    Are you having issues?
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      No obvious observable issues, except the engine does seem slightly more shaky than normal at idle. But the reason I thought of doing this is because it's on this forum's Winterization procedure. It just seems like a cheap, easy thing to do to prevent carbon buildup. I'm just wondering if there's anything cheaper than $8.

      I also treat the fuel, so I assume I don't have much gunk in there to begin with.. but I'm not the original owner, and I'm a big fan of easy/cheap/fast preventative maintenance that can help extend the life of the engine or improve performance.
      2011 F50TLR, 2010 G3 V167C


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        When it comes to Yamaha anything, $8 is not bad. Ring Free is about $27 for 12oz. Treats 120 gallons. There are all sorts of decarb treatments you can use. Valvetech, etc. Not sure if any would be cheaper.