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HPDI Z200TXRY - Shift Position Switch Question

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  • HPDI Z200TXRY - Shift Position Switch Question

    On my 2000 HPDI Z200TXR YDS plugged in, saw code 28 so I thought I should test the switch operation. (boat is out of the water, will be in tomorrow)

    I monitored the shift position switch signal.

    1) Neutral - SWITCH = ON
    2) Shift to forward - SWITCH = OFF ( I believe this is how it is supposed to work)
    3) Shift to neutral - SWITCH = OFF ( incorrect operation)
    4) Shift to reverse - SWITCH - OFF
    5) Shift to neutral - SWITCH = ON (back to correct)
    6) Shift to reverse - SWITCH - OFF
    7) Shift to neutral - SWITCH = ON

    physically inspecting the switch, it looks like the black slider does not hit the switch when the shifter is moved from FWD back to NEUTRAL, it sits forward just a bit. While in this position I can click the switch level with my finger, it goes OFF. If I go to REV then back to NEUTRAL the switch returns to ON.

    I replaced the switch and slider assembly, same result.

    Is there any adjustment on the slider? Is there something else going on that might be the problem?

    (side note:When shifting from NEUTRAL to REV (with the switch incorrectly OFF) I thought I would see on click ON then OFF as the slider passed by but did not notice that.)

    Thanks for any assistance

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    still having this issue but the "shifting trick" no longer works. I have to hold the switch closed at start up, motor runs on 6 cyl after I let the switch go.


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      something has to be wore out or out of adjustment is all I can think of