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2003 F225 Trim cylinder seal replacement

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  • 2003 F225 Trim cylinder seal replacement

    I am looking to replace the trim cylinder seals on my motors. I was wondering if its sold as a kit or individually . Also opinions on which tool members recommend to remove the caps.

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    No kit. Parts are sold as needed.


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      Watch the video at
      Notice the "cheater" bar he uses.


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        I was looking at the parts list, should I be replacing the oil rings or all the pieces(clips,springs etc).


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          several variables possible in that model; the SM calls for an install torque of 115 lb-ft for the trim ram caps
          (but "only" 65 lb-ft for the tilt ram cap)

          and actual removal torque required is a wild card - given the potential for corrosion

          when I replaced the trim seals on my F225 TXRD in 2016 -
          a homemade (hardwood) spanner worked fine
          (although I seriously doubt that I achieved 115 lb-ft on reassembly)

          when I later changed the tilt ram seals, I used the Marine Tech tool - a very pretty tool!

          I suspect, though, that the best style is the Yamaha tool


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            Fred Flintstone. Can't believe it worked. Save 70 bucks, worth a try.


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              I just wanted to update my post. I did purchase the marine tech tool and I can say it was worth the price. one of the hardest parts was getting out the dust seals. They were so far gone it took a while to dig them out. I replaced the o rings and dust seals.