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F350 Trouble Code 162

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  • F350 Trouble Code 162

    On the way out yesterday we launched the boat off a rogue wave, got air-born, and landed hard.

    Upon landing starboard engine throws the check engine light and goes into limp mode for code "#162-Control"

    Turned off batteries to clear code and we were back in business until we hit another good wave and back in limp mode. So we ran it all day high speed trolling in limp mode, I just compensated the throttles to overcome the reduced rpms in limp mode.

    Does anyone know what code #162 is, I'm sure its an easy fix since the engine ran fine for 8 hours after this event.


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    well, the (uselessly) simple answer is that indicates a communication problem within your "fly by wire" system -
    that the engine or remote control ECU is not happy with the input from the "lever position switch"

    given the circumstances, one could suspect a "momentary loss of electrical contact" - i.e. "bad wiring connection" with the helm connectors

    "check the electrical connector and wiring continuity" is the easy answer - but seems to me, in practice, "a fools errand"

    you could certainly "take a look for anything obvious" - for what that's worth

    Perhaps Rodbolt has some real world help...
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      Thanks, I checked over all the connectors I could find with nothing remarkable observed.

      Any specific connectors I should be looking at with that code?



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        If the problem surfaced immediately upon a hard landing, and repeats itself after being cleared upon receiving another good jolt, I would suspect a wiring connector issue at or within the control box. Specifically the main 14 pin connector at the box. Maybe disconnect and reconnect that connector. See if the wire harness is securely fastened such that it cannot move about.

        If the 14 pin connector is not the issue then it will be within the control box itself.