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Yamaha f150xa 2012 dual station system

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  • Yamaha f150xa 2012 dual station system

    I have a 2012 Yamaha F150 over the past few trips. I’ve had issues with it going into neutral. The engine will rev up while underway. However, today for the first time while underway I’m trying to limp back in to the marina. The engine starts to bog down I couldn’t get, 2 to 3000 RPM at all I could only just keep it just in gear cruise but then it finally gave out. It just popped back in that if it was in the neutral it wouldn’t wouldn’t shift a Lower unit issue or possibly a stretched cable.??

    I do have the Yamaha dual station system where shifting is con*****ed by a electronic shift box.

    A month ago, I changed the Lower unit oil. It was clean no metal debris. I did have this issue issue at the end of last season and I thought it was a one time thing however, now it’s consistently doing it.
    yep, I’m currently being told in now and I figured I put this post up to see what I can dig into tomorrow