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N2k data 05 225’s

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  • N2k data 05 225’s

    Can anyone tell me if the blue white wire plug on the port side of my engine is the data cable for n2k hookup? Motors are 05 225’s so I believe some have it some don’t

    69K 1006784

    69J 1020667

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    I have an image but it tells me the file is too large if I try to attach it.


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      The first F and LF225 models to officially get Command Link capability are 69JX 1021983 and 69KX 1006907.

      If you have the CL connector then it is possible that you might get some, but limited, engine data.


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        Below is a photo of the connector on the F225"D"
        that was destined to become the Command Link /NMEA 2000 plug.
        (this one was cut off to connect a NMEA 2000 cable)

        However, as Boscoe explained,
        while having the plug (and the other Command Link parts of the wiring harness)
        means you have 'some' NMEA 2000 output -
        the engine ECM - assuming yours has the inscription "-30"
        is not fully capable/compatible with modern NMEA 2000.

        Depending on what brand of MFD you connect,
        perhaps Raymarine or Navico -
        it may successfully display a number of engine operating parameters.

        However, if you have a Garmin MFD,
        it will likely "disconnect" every 2-3 seconds.

        You can, if you want to spend the money,
        replace the ECM (of course you have two engines, so two ECMs)
        with a later version. (-31, -32, etc)
        and then you will certainly have full NMEA 2000 functionality.
        You may well be able to purchase them used on eBay
        and then sell your original ECMs there as well.


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          Although mine is the D, my connector is the blue and white wire going into the white 4 prong plug with two empty.

          I guess I’ll have to have a look at the ecm when I have a chance to pull the air box.