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Alert light on new 6x6 DEC controls w/ F300

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  • Alert light on new 6x6 DEC controls w/ F300

    Replacing the remote control binnacle for my single engine 2015 F300 due to significant corrosion.

    I found a "new" 6x6 DEC remote control. When I plug in the new harness, I get the orange alert light on the binnacle. I performed a DEC reset using YDS 1.33, get the blue active light and the engine will start. Under Diagnosis Record, it says "Diagnosis Record is unavailable" which I understand means that there are no codes present. When I plug in the original remote control or another used remote control I purchased (both supposedly from 2015), the orange light does not come on. Seemed like the "new" remote control was the culprit, so I exchanged it for another "new" one and experienced the same alert light issue. The only difference I can see is that the "new" controls both have two extra plugs (pictured) on the network leg of the harness (the gray one is the same as the YDS plug but my software doesn't register anything). If it matters, I am using 6Y8 Command Link gauges and the brown wire is plugged in white to white. All of the unused plugs are capped.

    I say "new" because the two remote controls were both supposedly temporarily installed but never used due to compatibility issues and were not in original boxes.

    Why is the orange alert "check engine light" on with no codes present? Is there something else that needs to be done with a newer version of YDS?

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    I took the boat to a Yamaha dealer. He connected their laptop and spent a while plugging things in different ways with different adapters. He could not get the laptop to communicate with the engine through the harness on the controls. When plugging the laptop directly into the engine, the software would communicate with the engine and he could reset the DEC, but the orange light remains. The engine starts and goes in and out of gear. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to put the boat in the water yet and run it.

    I'm wondering if maybe the controls I've bought are intended for non-US engines? I can buy a new-in-box control with part number 6X6-48205-71-00, but nothing much comes up when I Google that number.