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Power tilt/trim component question F150 TLRC

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    Originally posted by BaffinBay View Post
    Success on the PTT overhaul: F150TLRC (2004 model year), finally. During the test run on the reassembled PTT unit I had a hydraulic leak at the pump manifold to PTT body flange, only on downstroke over ride when the trim pistons bottomed out. This leak was not there prior to my removing the pump/manifold from the main body during overhaul, so something had changed. The 5 O-rings in this flange were new Yamaha. Short story: during disassembly the 3 stainless steel flange bolts all broke off due to severe corrosion. 2 broke off flush at the threads, the long bolt broke off about an inch inside the pump manifold, meaning I was not able to separate the flanges. Penetrating oil, heat, and careful hammer work did nor free up the broken bolt or move the flanges. I finally went to a thin scraper to force the flanges apart just enough to cut the bolt with a hacksaw blade. During this prying process it appears I distorted the pump manifold flange just enough to keep the down stroke relief circuit O-ring from sealing properly. I could not see this at first. I had the manifold off and on twice, the second time lapping the two flange surfaces with a flat sharpening stone and honing oil. No success. The final fix: I removed the pump manifold (3rd time), wiped clean and dry, and applied Permatex Surface Prep activator for anaerobics (item 24163), let dry for 5 minutes, and applied a thin bead of Permatex anaerobi Gasket Maker (Item 51817) around each of the O-rings and the periphery of the flange, and assembled. 75 minutes later I primed the oil pump (removed the top cover) and test ran the unit. No leak. Repeated several times, bled system, repeat, all OK. This was a last ditch effort. I know an O-ring does not require this sort of sealant. I was running low on options other than replacing very expensive castings. It worked. My son and grandson are flying in from CA to fish with the old man in a few days. We will make that trip to the Texas coast.
    Nice job on the fix, good details for future posters with the same problem!


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      Yamaha 90HP 2 Stroke (1997 TLRV)

      In preparation for boating attempted to raise motor by tilt/trim switch. Motor sounded but could not lift engine. Was able to lift the engine by hand while pressing ‘up’ switch and safety locked in place.(also used the manual screw on side) The ‘down’ command resulted in no movement but ‘clicking’ at the relay area. Checked the hydraulic fluid which appeared full and tried to add Yamaha fluid but it was too full to take anymore. Did not help the problem.
      Researched Youtube and checked the relays with a 12 volt light tester. The red terminal showed positive. So did the blue and green terminals. This suggested a bad tilt/trim motor. Replaced with a DB Electric model which had good reviews. After installation- no difference.
      Went back to investigating the relays. Connected the blue grommet to the red power and no response. Same with green. Tried connecting green (down) to blue terminal- no response.
      More online research came across a comment that the relay terminals may show voltage but may not have enough amps. ???? Should the relay unit be changed?
      (also ran across a reference to a little switch behind the main swivel that can get stuck. Found nothing like that but did find a light weight plastic ‘sleeve’ that easily spins around by touch. I do not think this is involved.
      Need Help! Thanks


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        F150-TLRC power time and tilt SHOWA 3 ram
        Correction to post 14, photo, label "up relief valve". That is incorrect.
        This port is for a check ball with orifice valve seat and pin. Yamaha part numbers are: 64E-4392G-00-00 valve seat, 6E5 43858-00-00 ball, 64E-4381G-00-00 pin, and 64E-43897-00-00 o-ring. Correct assembly going from right to left is valve seat, ball, pin, o-ring. The check ball side of the valve seat (the end of the seat has a tiny orifice drilling) goes into the gear pump housing. This ball is off of its seat on the "UP" command, and it is seated on the "DOWN" command. Its purpose is to allow or not allow return oil from piston movement up/down into the gear pump housing AND to direct return oil to the reservoir on the "DOWN" command. Yamaha has no specific name for this valve. The circuit has many components. This is just once part of that. The Yamaha parts drawing is a bit misleading. The correct assembly has the ball inside the housing, captured in place by the pin.
        FYI I had this valve assembly in backward! I will post results of my re-re-reassmbly when completed. Parts are on the way.


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          Credit Boscoe99 for helping to figure out this circuit.