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2011 F60 VST injection pump failure x 2

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  • 2011 F60 VST injection pump failure x 2

    At the beginning of 2021 boating season I launched my pontoon boat and took it for a short run before docking it at my wharf. The next time I tried to start it it would just catch a bit and then die. I troubleshot the problem to the DC injector pump in the VST module. After some convincing my local dealer agreed the pump was defective and ordered and installed a new one. The most notable symptom is not hearing the pump prime when you turn on the key and a more detailed dive reveals the motor is reading open circuit with an ohmmeter. It took most of the summer, and $2000, to get and install a new pump and gasket but it did resolve the problem and we were able to use the boat for awhile in the late summer/fall before putting it away again for the winter.
    This year (2022) we retrieved our boat from winter storage ( wrapped outdoors) and tried to start it - same problem. ( the obvious symptom again is the pump does not prime after turning the key and the wires to the pump read open circuit). Again after much convincing the dealer/service department once again agreed that the pump had failed and now is out looking for a replacement.
    I am suspicious - one failure I would chock up to being random but two in a row make me think the pump failure is a symptom of another problem? I am told that this engine/module is bullet proof although I did find a very helpful YouTube video last year that helped my diagnose this exact problem. thoughts? And thanks!

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    I apologize for the duplicate post. I had an error code that I was not allowed to creat tags so I tried to delete the tags and repost. The system posted the original despite the error code apparently and I can’t locate the delete post function.


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      I wonder if the pump seized, with either ice, corrosion or rubbish in the fuel; and then when key is turned on the pump burns out.
      Would have been good with hindsight to check the wiring first before power.
      Atleast you can check whether the pump is seized, you may need to cut it open to see what is inside.


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        cutting it open sounds like a good idea. i doin't think it is ice as we have changed gascolator between failures and fuel looked good during trouble shooting. maybe something in the pump though for sure , thanks!


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          if there is no fuel in the VST the motor and pump can be damaged.
          the fuel running thru the pump is what lubracates and cools the pump and motor

          how was the motor tested and found to be open circuit?


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            tested the lead wires with a fluke multimeter.


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              I have a 2012 F50 which is a very similar motor to yours and have experience a second pump failure in two months. I too suspect something is causing the pump to fail. I am doing the work myself so any insights you or anyone else can give me would be greatly appreciated. I received great support online, from dealership mechanics and open source articles the first time I replaced it so I was easily able to do it. Now I am having a hard time getting additional support for what could be a more complex problem.



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                Hi Fishaddict. If I learn anything from the second repair process I will pass it along. Thinking about Ice and fuel contaminates I doubt that is it. The filter is clear and it has a new gas gascolator going into last winter with only about 6 hours of use. It was working fine when stored. I do have one theory and want check a couple of things . By any chance are your batteries older? Maybe slight low voltage on startup?


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                  My batteries are good.

                  I pulled the VST apart today and the pump ran when hooked directly to my starting battery.I talked to two mechanics today at two different Marinas. They both mentioned focusing on the electrical side. I followed the electrical path just like i did the fuel path from start to finish and found a corroded electrical connector INSIDE the VST that plugs into the fuel pump. When I moved the VST around to simulate the bumps from a boat ride or trailering or using the tilt on the motor the connection was separated and could not be reconnected unless I manually pushed it together. I also found corrosion inside the pressure regulator on top of the VST so i will be replacing that since I have the whole mess torn apart anyway.

                  At some point in time water entered into the VST via the fuel system which led to the corrosion and the failures over time.

                  I will let you know in a week or so when i get the parts installed if that fixed it or not.