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  • F50 Install

    Hello all - wondering where I might find installation instructions, references, tip & tricks for an F50 tiller on a new boat?
    Appreciate any information...

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    Although I do not know one way or the other, is there anything in the manual that came with it when you bought it?

    Other than that, this one is pretty simple - assuming you bought the correct length, drop it on at the proper holes to get the anti-ventilation plate parallel with (or within an inch higher) the bottom of the boat (assuming no bracket). This is a good starting point and you can fine tune from there. When on plane, the anti-vent plate should be just barely skimming across the top of the water (not buried or too high off the water). The exact placement will depend on the boat - meaning, there's no "one best" set of holes to use.
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      I thought the dealers usually install them and then does a check out of the new motor.
      I believe there is a check sheet that they are supposed to fill out for the warranty to be good


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        Problem is I bought the boat from one dealer and the motor from another - was lucky to get either due to supply chain issues, had to wait for the boat to be built. Because of this neither dealer was too thrilled to do the install as it wasn't a package and the dealer I bought the motor from wanted to charge me over twice what a friend paid to have a re-power done there. Good question on the warranty, I'll look into that!