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idle timing

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  • idle timing

    What should the idle timing be for my 1998 Yamaha 25 hp 2 cylinder outboard -- model 25ELRW. I believe it is 7 degrees ATDC but I can't seem to find it in the shop manual.

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    What shop manual do you have?

    It is on page 3-3 of LIT-18616-01-66.


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      BOSCOE99 - i don't have that manual - can you just tell me the setting?


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        why would you be looking in a shop manual not for your motor?


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          I have the correct shop manual, ( CLYMER ) Yamaha 1996 to 1998. I just can't find the information for the correct idle timing. I've always found you guys to be very helpful with us amateurs.


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            I prefer to teach people to fish so as to catch their own.

            Here is your fish.


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              I do not have a manual for your motor Yamaha, or after market,
              but it sounded like you had a manual without the specs for your motor
              so I assumed the manual was not for your motor.

              In the Yamaha manuals there are spec sheets that list the specs
              and the specs are also in the sections for disassembly and repair of the systems
              most of us here are shade tree guys, but there are a few with access to lots of data

              I see Bosco gave the info you were looking for while I was doing other great things.
              talking on phone with relatives about the storm coming in our direction
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                As always I appreciate the help and information, evidently I invested in an inferior shop manual but it will have to do for now.