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Overheat alarm

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  • Overheat alarm

    As I wait on my mobile mechanic I am trying to narrow down my alarm. I only get an alarm at 1000 rpm's or less. 1000+ it runs great. I will have him check the lower unit pump and housing as suggested by another member. Any other thoughts?

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    Some info on what engine you have, year, HP, how old the WP is, salt water use, fresh water use, hours on engine, flushed? etc..

    I guess its a Yamaha..

    1997 Angler 204, Center Console powered by a 2006 Yamaha F150TXR


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      It's a 2010 Yamaha T50TLR. Fresh water 470 hours. Professionally maintained. It was flushed and water pump replaced by 2 different mechanics. I opened up the exhaust port and cleaned out a pile of debris. It now runs great above 1000 rpm's. I posted earlier but was able to narrow the issue down. Hoping someone has seen this issue as a certified Yamaha mechanic could not figure it out.
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        Problem apparently solved. I removed the cooling water temperature sensor and cleaned it. the alarm is now occasional. I put an ohm meter on the sensor and the values did not match the manual. New sensor is on order.