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F225 TXRD no fuel or fire...

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  • F225 TXRD no fuel or fire...

    New to the forum, been searching google and other forums for answers, here's the issue.
    Started out as engine had hard start after warm and sitting for an hour or two. after start would run fine... no problem from cold start.. the second time it did this, it took about 6 good tries to get it to fire (advanced throttle and everything).. got it home wouldn't start even after cold. Pulled the plugs, no fire in any cylinder and no fuel.. bypassed kill switch, did not help.. noticed the fuel pump would not run in the key on position. i found a forum that said prime the fuel bulb as hard as you can with the key on then turn the key off and repeat the process until the fuel pump runs in the key on position. did this and fired right up. noticed a slight rough idle. nothing too crazy so ran the rpms up a little, between 1500 and 3000 rpms. they seem to pulse somewhat (pretty subtle but you can tell and see it on the gauge). can turn the key off and start it back every time until it sits overnight or more than a few hours. then i have to repeat the process.. ISC valve resets every time. I'm thinking maybe the low pressure fuel pump but I'm not sure...

    I've also looked at the 3 prong connector I've heard gives trouble (2-R/Y & 1-R wires), the male side of the connector only has two wires going in and the female side has 3 wires coming out. i noticed the wires and connector were pretty hot to the touch... hopefully i didn't confuse anyone and i gave the information needed. thanks in advance for any help you guys can through my way. please pardon my grammar.
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    To what does the 3 prong connector attach? What part of the electrical system?

    From where did you hear that it causes problems?


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