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No Carb Gasket, Yammie 15

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  • No Carb Gasket, Yammie 15

    Hey guys: Wanted to check the reed valves on my 2009 Yammie MSH 15, 2-stroke. Pulled carb and reed valves and all looks good. But no gasket between carb and block, nor between reed valves and block. Just some black tar-like substance. Not sure what that stuff is or what to do with it. Should I clean it off (with what?), and replace it (with what?). I can easily cut a couple of paper gaskets if that is recommended.

    Comments please, and as always, thanks in advance.


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    Still having trouble with that engine idling? Was this engine new to you or did you get it second hand? Did it look like someone else had already taken that reed valve cover off...paint broken, bolts with the edges shined up...ect.

    Please answer all the questions.

    From your previous thread about this:

    "Thanks Boscoe: I've been looking at the carb exploded parts diagram in the manual and it does not show a carb gasket.

    In your diagram it would appear to be a rubber ring gasket, (O-ring)... and that may be in place on my engine, just hard to spot under what appears to be gasket goo. I wasn't looking too closely because I wasn't sure what to look for.

    From what you have shown me, I should be able to order the part. But right now, after adjusting the idle this morning, the engine seems to run well at speed but still misses intermittently at low speed."

    If you still can't find the gasket / oring between the carb and intake and now the reed housing az well in the parts break down, I would suggest calling Yamaha and ask them for some help in finding the parts for your engine.

    Where you located? And what are the exact numbers on the data plate located on the transom bracket...should start with a "6"

    AgIan please answer all the questions.

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      Where's the GD edit button gone...this site is still buggered up. Just put up a long post and gone to moderator as possible Spam.....#$$&$&**#
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        Is this your intake assembly?

        Appears to be oring gaskets on it.
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          This site is not working. Thanks Panasonic, I see you are trying to help me understand the lack of carb and reed valve gaskets on the Yammie 15. Trying to respond. Hope you see this. I see a tiny picture of the reed valve unit and I think it is like the one I removed a couple of days ago. Thanks for your help.


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            I just had my reed cage off and this appears normal.

            To verify if you are suppose to have gaskets, go to and look up your engine.

            Looks like they are not needed:

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              Looks like Panasonics picture shows a black "seal" already attached to the reed plate. There's no separate gasket on the parts fisch..

              I wouldn't think that "seal" would squash/ go away after one use, but perhaps..

              If it doesn't appear to be sealing(failed), I'd probably make a seal or use some case sealer where the black "seal" was..
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