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F300 Offshore water pressure gauge install

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    I am thinking he wants to know where that water pressure port is located


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      Originally posted by boscoe99 View Post
      When I get back home I will post a copy of the SM page that shows the port into which a mechanical water pressure gauge can be installed.

      Mr. BOLT, I too have aging eyes and the CL display is not the clearest even with a young mans eyes. I can relate to the beneficiality of a mechanical gauge on the dash.

      Mr Mac, I only responded the way I did because of your flip reply. Maybe I misinterpreted the intent.

      And I have not yet started on my cerveza for this evening.
      Hey Boscoe,
      I wish I could take that one back. It was a pissy response. All I can do apologize to you and Bolt. Thatís what happens when you type and donít read between the lines. You guys wanted to help and needed more info from me. I got the part numbers and diagram from the Yamaha Service Rep that travels with the IFA Redfish Tour. The IFA Pro/Am was in town a few weeks back. I managed to hang on to part numbers but I lost the diagram. I looked on-line and found a diagram for a F150 but it was no help. My local Yamaha shop/tech is closed for vacation or I would have gone to him. I could call his cell but Iím trying to respect his time away from the shop! He is a prince and would answer, I just to want him to spend some time with the family. Again, I apologize to both you guys and thanks for your help & support!


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        Originally posted by 99yam40 View Post
        I am thinking he wants to know where that water pressure port is located
        Methinks so also.

        It is in the back on the center right, down a bit. A plug is removed so the fitting can be installed. Routing of the plastic tube from the fitting to the gauge will be up to the installer. Don't think Yam offers guidance since they probably never envisioned a mechanical gauge being installed with that model.


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          The rep from Yamaha was awesome and had given me a diagram with the location to install the hose & brass fitting on the block. My dumb-a_ _, lost it! You are exactly right, he said basically the same thing. Most owners/ installs will go with adding water pressure to the Command Link but some tournament guys had gone with analog. He gave me everything I needed to complete the install. I saw a plug in the location you guys described. It has a red/brown fiber washer.