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Old 09-07-2008
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Question Yamaha150 Tilt/Trim Hydraulic leak

One of my two 2005 yamaha 150 four stroke Power Trim/Tilt system is having a hydraulic fluid leak. The motor at one point was stuck in the up position which I was able to remedy by putting in more fluid. It lasted about a week and then recurred again requiring a fair amount of fluid to get it to work. Now I can see a small oil slick around the engine as it continues to leak (again won't work). I can't see/feel a leak around the reservoir cap or see or feel leaks around the pistons. Any ideas on where these can typically leak from. One of my problems is that my boat is a catamaran and I don't have a trailer and where I live there are no trailers I can easily borrow to pull the boat. I am hoping to trouble shoot as much as I can with the boat in the water before having it pulled. Any help is appreciated.
Kevin P
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Old 09-08-2008
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you should be able to R and R the trim Assembly, with the engine tilted up, while the boat is in the water...

it removes fairly easily.... you however will have to get wet, and must be very careful not to drop any bolts, or washers in the drink!
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Old 09-10-2008
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usualy they leak from the two short rams caps, the top seals are leaking,you have to remove the caps with a spanner wrench and replace the 3 seals and also check for worn cap hole where the ram is going thru. if the hole is oval they will leak again soon
good luck
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Old 07-04-2009
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Default Removing Ram cap

I successfully removed the trim ram rod but cannot figure out how to remove the trim cap from the rod to replace the seals. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Austin, TX
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