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Old 05-30-2006
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I asked a question yesterday re: Water supposedly getting in the lwr. unit of my F-90 in the winter thru the prop. Someone has removed it from the forum. My lwr. unit oil was changed in the fall prior to storage. When I launched it in the spring I had an oil film coming from the the motor. When we cracked open the screw on the lwr. unit the oil was milk white. The dealer told me that the water had enetered thru my prop and then frozen cracking the seals. I've never heard of this before & I have had motors for 25 yrs. . He says this is common to the newer motors and that he double bags his props prior to storage. Ken [from the forum] asked me if had stored the boat with the motor trimmed right up but I only had it trimmed enough for clearance to tilt the boat for drainage. I 've since had the seals replaced pressure tested and the lwr. unit oil changed & I still get the oil film on the water when the motor is running. Is this a common occurance and is there anything I should be doing about it.
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Old 06-01-2006
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Sorry about your post getting deleted, We have been working on the message board to find out why so many double post.
I did see your first post but since I'm in Florida I didn't have much information about the freeze problem. Are you storing this boat outside where it would be in the snow? As far as the oil film on water it's hard to say, When working on lower unit there will be oil spills, parts washing solution, assembley grease on seals that will cause a film for a short while. Recheck lower unit oil for water after run for about 10 hours.
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Old 06-01-2006
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Yes I do store it right on my property over the winter in the snow. My concern is a] how did the water get in the lwr. unit in the 1st place I changed the gear oil prior to storage --was it indeed during the winter or after launch. It wasn't until the 2nd time I ran it that I noticed the film on the water. and b] since the seals in the lwr. unit are changed, pressure tested and the gear oil has been changed I'm still getting a film on the water [although I haven't really taken it very far only from the marina back to my cottage]--Is it residue or perhaps another problem. I will as you say take the boat out and re-check the lwr. unit. But since I still see the film should I run it for the 10hr. you suggest or check it right away?
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