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Old 09-05-2008
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Default Portable Fuel Tank to a 115TLRW

What's the best way to hook up an auxiliary fuel tank to a Yamaha 115 2 stroke? I would like to have the spare tank for trouble shooting and as a reserve. The boat is 17' master angler and has a 40 gallon built in tank.

I guess what I need to know is what is the cleanest way to break into the main fuel line to hook up a portable tank to the engine while on the water?

Quick connects?
Threaded adapters?
PVC barbed and Tywraps?
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Old 09-05-2008
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Default Here's what I did

Did this on a boat with a small main tank. Used quick disconnects and made sure to get enough fuel line to go from the aux tank to the engine quick disconnect. Aux Fuel line had a bulb in it. I just added the disconnects in line and clamped with SS clamps. Made sure the disconnects were at the transom area. When I ran out of gas in the main tank, just disconnected the main line, connected the aux tank line and pumped it's bulb. Took a matter on just minutes. No problem with leaks.
Disconnects run about $5 each. Used a small 6 gallon plastic tank.

Hope this helps.
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Old 09-05-2008
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always bypass or delete the disconnects as they can be a place for airleaks.
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Old 09-07-2008
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These look like they might work. The tee with a shutoff valve in the main line:

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