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Old 01-16-2011
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Smile Forgot to winterize motor

I forgot top winterize my motor (2004 115 2 stroke). Just went out and took the plugs out and put fogging oil in all 4 cylinders and then tried to get the silencer off and couldn't get out the bottom screw as the dealer strippped it out the last time they winterized the motor (that's another story). So I held the choke open and had my wife turn over the motor and squirted fogging oil into the silencer. Then drained and refilled the lower unit.
Quit using it the first of November and just now winterized it..........does anyone think I will have trouble with it this coming spring????
Thanks for any comments!
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Old 01-16-2011
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fogging? its good but not critical.
fuel system? ABSOLUTLY critical.
most likly you may get to do the carbs come spring.
quick tip on fogging, in a pinch dissconect the oil pump link arm, allow it to move wide open. idle the engine about 5-10 minutes with adequate water supply.
turn it off and recconect the link arm.
but just spraying oil into the airbox wont fog it.
the reason for fogging is to insure ALL shiney parts inside are coated with oil to prevent rusting while sitting.
machined steel(shiney parts) likes to rust if not coated with something.
but the biggest issue is fuel system degradation.
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Old 01-18-2011
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Yeah, I've been "winterizing" by disconnecting the oil pump link while flushing for the last 10 years. I used to take the plugs out and spray in there but last two years the shrinkwrap guy came before I could get to them.

If yours isn't shrinkwrapped I'd just pull the plugs and spray fogging fluid in there and crank a bit.

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