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Old 08-08-2012
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Default F150TLR Hesitation on Acceleration

I have a 2010 F150TLR that Iíve had since new. Starting mid last year ( about 75 hrs on it at the time) it started to have a hesitation coming off idle when accelerating. It idles at about 700 rpm and the hesitation occurs between that and about 1300 rpm. If I take it out of gear it will accelerate smoothly, no problems at all. Sometimes it will stall, when put into gear, both in forward and reverse. I had the dealer clean the injectors and they checked the engine, found nothing Ė if the computer says nothing is wrong, then nothing is wrong I guess. It made a slight difference when the injectors were cleaned, but still does it. We do a lot of water skiing and that initial acceleration makes a big difference in pulling up the person.
If you slowly accelerate for the first second or two, it runs great, no issues at all. Runs strong all the way to WOT, has no issues at all in starting hot or cold and gas usage is normal. Iíve replace the spark plugs, the ones I pulled out looked like new, replaced the gas filters, water separator, found nothing in any of them. Nothing is blocking the air intake system. Has me stumped.
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Old 08-08-2012
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not me
its a common problem with the F150.
mine did it new out of the box in 07.
took me a half a day to fix it.
and no, no codes will be thrown.
somewhere on here, I think it was a post involving highseirra,
I went through the procedure.
basically you want to adjust/make sure the two throttle assys are sync.
then open the throttle stopper screw until the TPS reads about .3-.4V higher than with the shutters fully closed.
then reset the TPS using the TPS screws to about .72V.
when idling the ISC command should now be in the 38-45% range.
what your doing is faking out the computer and allowing some idle air past the throttles.
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Old 08-29-2012
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Made the changes and it so far it looks like it corrected the hesitation. Didn't have the time for a full days worth of boating, but did put it in and gave it a good test.
Thanks for the help.
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