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Old 09-20-2010
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Default 2002 2 stroke 50hp running problem

I have a 2002 50 hp 2 stroke with oil injection. It will start and run for a bit in emergency mode(with the little red lever at the mid position) but smokes excessively. When it is running, if i move the lever back to normal run, it will continue to run for a bit but takes some throttle play to keep it running. After it just dies out as if the key was turned off. It seems like it is getting excessive oil, but as I just purchased the boat I dont know. These conditions are under no load, being run in a tank in my driveway. I do not want to take the boat out and get stranded, unless it is recommended or concluded that it is a problem that just needs me to try to run it thru. Please advise the best you can and thanks again. Chris
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Old 04-04-2011
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I have a 2003 and took the CDI off the motor and it looks like shrapnel had went through it. I had the same problems as you described.
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