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Old 05-29-2009
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Default 1994 130 carbs


My engine was running poorly at what I call "trolling speed". Liek when the engine is putting through a no wake zone. I will add that it ran great @ WOT and @ idle.

SO...I decided to clean the carbs. They did have some varnish and are now clean, floats adjusted (they were fine) new needles and gaskets.

Question. when I backed out the idle adjustment screws they were all @ 2 1/8 turns. The manual I believe calls for a max of 7/8. Seeing how the idel was fine should I put them back where they were? OR where the manual calls for? Or something else?

Also I did test run the boat (with screws @ 7.8) and it had the same coughing problem at trolling speed. I have read the manual on the 3 basic carb circuts and focussed on the BYLASS circut. I took the carbs apart again and cleaned again. Looks fine.

Should I be looking anywhere else?
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Old 05-29-2009
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Make sure low speed jets in carb are clean. The 7/8 of a turn is the inital setting and may need to be adjusted but usually runs great at 7/8 to 1 turn.
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Old 06-02-2009
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Well I cleaned and adjusted carbs again. I started with the idele screw @ 7/8. I ended up back where it was at 2 turns out. It seemed to like it there better. Is that leaner or richer?

Should have it in the water for a test soon.
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Old 06-02-2009
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2 turns out should be richening your low speed mixture. It sounds like you are compensating for a partially clogged low speed circuit which can be very difficult to get clean. No need to mess with float level any more. Use a strong carburetor cleaner in all idle/low speed circuit pathways and main jet and venturi and blow out with compressed air. Repeat 2-3 times. A partially clogged idle jet may run well enough at idle on a warm day, and perhaps not well enough for fast idle/low midrange. P.S.- you would not be the first to pull carbs off multiple times before getting them right...hopefully this helps your problem. Usually a weak/old fuel pump will cause a poor low speed running condition, but this would noticeably affect normal idle, not just fast idle.
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