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Old 05-06-2009
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Default 15 HP, 4-stroke

This 2006 engine is running fine, but with the 15' boat, which I have it on now, I'm only pushing along at about 18 mph (GPS) with 2 of us on board. At WOT, the engine is turning about 5400 rpm's (which is high for this engine). What I'm looking for, is to - somehow - increase my top end speed on this rig.

I've already "tweaked" the rig, with respect to engine height and set-back (using a Mini-Jackplate w/4" set-back); the cavitation plate is even with the bottom of the boat, at this point. I've adjusted the trim - within the confines of the manual trim bar, to optimum position, with 2 fishermen & gear onboard.

I installed a "Doel Fin", but that slowed me way down ( to 14 mph!), so I removed it. Being retired, I can't afford another 3 - 4K for a new, higher HP engine, so I'm thinking of doing something with the carburetor, if that's possible? Is there any kind of add-on or modification, which can be cost effective in increased the HP on this engine? Thanks muchly folks.
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