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Yamaha F150 Engine Mounted Fuel Filter

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    Later model F 150's no longer use the black retainer ring as Frenchy describes. Also, it "IS" quite possible that your YAMAHA tech put the filter on TOOOOO tight. It does happen. In a case like that, you'll have to remove it anyway you can (including cutting it off and purchasing a new filter cup...about $90). BEST OPTION...Take it to a YAMAHA Sevicing dealerand let them deal with it, especially if it's under warranty! THAT WAY, IT"S THEIR $$$$...Good luck.
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        the best way to remove the plastic bowl ,is to take it off and place it in the freezer for about a hour,it will unscrew the same thing to put it back together.make sure you screw the bowl together as soon as you take it out of the freezer.or you will have tbl.screwing it together.i have the same motor and yamaha has had a lot of tbl with the sensor in the bottom of the could disconnect the plastic plug on the bottom of the bowl, the alarm will go out.take it to the dealer,they will replace it under warranty