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#703 remote throttle loose, side to side movement

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  • #703 remote throttle loose, side to side movement

    On my 2003 North River/60hp Yamaha Jet I have a 703 remote throttle control on the center console. I notice that the shift lever is now loose and moves side to side about 3/8 inch. When it moves out, I just push it back in place. There isn't anything wrong with the shifting back or forward. I popped the cover plate and there isn't anything to tighten so I may have to take it apart but from the schematic there are a lot of parts and I have no idea what one is the cause of the problem.

    Any ideas??

    Thanks for your advice, Salmon season is a week away!!

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    Shifter problem

    If you remove the control from the console. There are three bolts that go through the shifter and the console with nuts on the inside of your console. Once you remove the control on the back side there is a bolt that holds the shifter lever tight to the control box. More than likely this has worked its way loose. Just tighten it down and reinstall the control to the console.


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      Im liking it!!!

      Hey, Thank you very much for the info. I will get on it first thing Sat morning.


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        Many Thanks

        Thanks for the information, the remote throttle is working like new.