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Yamaha '04 90hp 2 stroke oil tank leak from low level indicator cap?

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  • Yamaha '04 90hp 2 stroke oil tank leak from low level indicator cap?

    Yamaha 2004 90hp 2 stroke oil leak is coming from the oil tank. The leak is located where the oil level warning mechanism is attached (the cap) to the oil tank, which is about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the oil tank. The leak is very very slow, but none-the-less still leaking. I tried a tie wrap around the the cap -- still leaking. Any suggestions?

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    No tie wraps wont stop the leak need to replace oil level sensor.
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      Thanks for the advice


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        Same problem

        I just joined and succesfully searched to this problem/solution. I have the same problem on my 2003 90hp Yamaha.

        Mechanic put tie wrap on it, but didn't give me hope. It was worth a try, but I'll be looking up a new sending unit now. tnx...Carl W


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          Same problem with Oil tank leak on 90TLRY

          This is such a bad setup. Buying a new costly oil level unit to solve a poorly designed rubber cap is wasteful.

          I had the same problem with my oil tank leaking last summer. I spent the first half of the summer running 1/2 tank of oil, then tried to squeeze the rubber cap with a hose clamp. It did not seal it out, so I returned to running 1/2 a tank of oil and keeping a jug in my console to refill as needed. (My engine will alarm when it is low - but not much time to refill before it shuts down!)

          Please let me know if a zip tie worked. I assume you used a tool to tighten it up rather than hand tightening.

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            I have the same issue on my 90 2 stroke, but i tried the zip tie and it didnt help, it only leaks when motor is tilted up


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              zip tie, x2 didn't work either

              I put a second zip tie on the unit, with the clamp doo-hicky at a different place around the cap. Still no improvement. Yes, I use a zip tie tool.

              I'm not giving up yet. I contemplating other tricks in the gray matter between my ears.

              I seem to also have a miniscule crack on the side of the oil tank along the raised lettering in the plastic. WHAT NEXT! I have epoxy stick that you heat up with a propane torch to melt and smear. I may try that if my gray matter between my ears convinces me to do it.


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                attempt to fix leaky tank

                My neighbor loaned me his can of RV adhesive that requires Xylol or Laquer thinner to clean up brush. I'm trying that on the side of the tank where the crack is suspected. If that holds, I will attempt sealing the oil level cap. the adhesive is supposed to remain pliable, and he swears by its stick-to-itiveness.


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                  I've tried the zip ties sometimes it works but not often.How much is a new oil reservior? I have a 2002 200hp hdpi. Im going to try a piece of absorbent fabric like a oilabsorb pad and zip tie that in place.I'll let you know if it works


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                    Yamaha 2-stroke oil tank


                    I would think the oilzorb may act like a wick rather than a seal, but you may be on to something. Let me know how it works. I'll try my adhesive trick unless I come up with some kind of thin very pliable rubber tape that is oil resistant and might work like a gasket.

                    Replacing the sending unit gets you a new rubber cap, but that's a $100 solution to fix a 10-cent cap. The tank is mucho much more. Hence my attempt with shade-tree mechanic fixes first.

                    At least I can continue keeping no more than a quart or so of oil in it.


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                      This seems to be a common problem. I've also tried the zip tie solution with no success. Has anyone replaced the unit themselves and, if so, was it difficult?


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                        oil tank level cap and tank leak

                        My idea of using the neighbors adhesive didn't work, even when I roughened the tank up 400 grit sandpaper around the crack. Oil managed to find its way under the adhesive, slowly de-adhereing it from the tank. I found a new tank on eBay.

                        Now for the cap... it still leaks. I may try black RTV sealant around the outside of the tank, just under the cap. This should keep any sealant from finding its way into the tank and compromising up the engine.

                        It's ashame to purchase a new level indicator at over $100 for what is merely stupid leaky cap!


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                          Having the same problem with my 2003.

                          The rubber cap has begun to crack and fail, gonna try a little shade-tree first. The local parts store has one for $150.20 + tax that has a new part #, 6H1-85720-16-00, maybe it is "new and improved" bahahaha.


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                            I saw this and thought "***, finally found the blasted leak!" Went outside and saw nothing around my level sensor. I replaced the hoses and every clamp with SS screw type round clamps, but no luck. I first thought it was the fill cap and rubber top, but it's dry while the dripped out when I tilted the motor up.

                            Anybody got any other ideas? Thanks in advance.


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                              I had the same problem , oil leaking out the sender unit,
                              ended up finding a few different styles of decent cable ties and worked them,
                              The leaks have almost disappeared, not 100% fixed but close to 90%