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1997 yamaha 70HP warning light/buzzer problem

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  • 1997 yamaha 70HP warning light/buzzer problem

    When ignition switch first turned on warning lights do not momentarily flash on, only green safe oil level light comes on and stays on. The mech says the overheat/audible buzzer is not functioning but at moment can not pinpoint problem except to tell me it looks like some module worth lots to replace. This motor has only 140 hours on it and mech. says rest of wiring appears correct.Has anyone experience of this problem as I don't wish to be taken for an expensive ride with electronics.
    Hope you can help, Darsee in Perth Western Australia.

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    The CDI Module does control the warning buzzer and indicators on that motor. Test the oil level sensor in oil tank and check the ground wires and connection's. You can put a jumper wire between ground and the Green/Red wire that connects to the oil level sensor turn Ign. key on and the buzzer should sound and red light on gauge should light up. If it does not then it could be the wiring going to gauge and buzzer, bad buzzer, bad gauge, or the CDI Module