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  • battery indicator

    I have a pair of 2014 300s on my Digital display the port side battery indicator was all the way down. I found out 1 battery was bad so I replaced it, and watched the indicator go all the way up to full. the next day it was down again, I tested all the batteries and they are charging and full. is that indicator showing that the port side motor is not charging? thanks for any help

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    what is a battery indicator?
    I am not sure what you have.
    is it a 6y8 or 6y9 display?
    a pic of the display would help.


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      Kinda confusing what you posted.

      To clarify, after re-charging the replaced battery, IS IT STAYING at approx 12.8 volts over night (static)?

      When running, charges at approx 14 volts(to that battery), BUT the meter states it's down/dead?

      If so, IS that battery NOW dead?
      1997 Angler 204 CC, 2006 F150 TXR