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External Grounding strap

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  • External Grounding strap

    I am trying to find out what size bolt/screw is used for "engine side" of the external grounding strap on a 1999 200hp. I believe the strap is used for Anode grounding or just general grounding of the lower unit. it is at the top of the lower unit and the bolt/screw goes into the side of the"upper" lower unit.... pics....HELP!!!!!

    Mike do I get "attachments" to work? Would like to post a couple of pics...
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    You can use Upload pics there and then copy the "hot link for forums" down below pic. Paste the link here in the body of your message.


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      A model # would help greatly looking up the part...

      M6 x 1 pitch (metric) is often used thru out the engine as well as that ground bolt. Lenth, you'll have to measure...

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